Consulting Services

    We help your business or organization by:
  • Advising how AVs will impact your operational, business and revenue models
  • Assisting in the development of policies, strategies and plans around AVs
  • Identifying possible future business models or strategies that can maximize the benefits and mitigate the downsides when AVs are deployed.

Public Speaking

Do you require a speaker or presenter for your corporate event?
  • Engage the audience with a fascinating insight into the near future
  • Address the latest developments and trends in the world of AVs
  • Learn how AVs will impact your specific business / industry

Paul Godsmark and Barrie Kirk are well-known and respected public speakers on this subject.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



    We collaborate with research organizations and funders to conduct studies that will improve our understanding of AVs and can lead to project opportunities.

We assist companies identify business opportunities in the hardware, software and service aspects of AVs and help them develop these opportunities.


    We publicize the progress being made on Automated Vehicles, the expected launch schedule, and the impact on transportation and society as a whole. More specifically, we:
  • Write articles for the general media and specialized publications
  • Provide inputs to reporters and writers
  • We give presentations to a wide variety of general and specialized audiences
  • Publish a free monthly e-newsletter AV Update; see our home page to read the latest issue and to subscribe
  • Provide webinars

We are also developing an overall plan for the introduction of AVs in Canada.

  • This will be followed by more detailed plans for individual groups such as urban planners, transit agencies, police, health-care, etc.
  • Where possible, these reports will be available on CAVCOE's web site

We facilitate networking, relationship building and knowledge transfer.

We answer any questions that you may have on automated vehicles.

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